The Partnership for Erie's Public Schools

PEPS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working to strengthen Erie's Public Schools by providing financial and community support in five areas: Arts, Academics, Athletics, Assistance and Advocacy. 

As a strategic partner of Erie’s Public Schools, PEPS serves as a community asset to engage stakeholders and the broader community in the regional success of our urban public schools. This work is based on the vision that strong public schools are the foundation of a strong community and everyone is a stakeholder in their success.

Our Board of Directors

Kelly Byers, Chair

Schaffner, Knight, Minnaugh & Company

Amanda Gabbard, Vice Chair

Erie Insurance Company

Ina Fisher, Secretary

Retired EPS administrator

Lauren Bauer, Treasurer

Merrill Lynch

Deb Amatangelo

Alumna and retired EPS administrator

Noel Burgoyne

Retired EPS teacher

Corey Cook

EPS alumnus

Hannah Kirby

LORD Corporation

Jeff Pinski


Nancy Sadaly

Retired EPS administrator

Rick Schneider

EPS Administrator

Amanda Sissem

Erie Arts & Culture

Brain Slawin

Ben Franklin Technology Partners

Thomas Tupitza, Esq.

Know Law Firm

Daria Devlin, Executive Director